Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

The beauty and warmth of a fireplace is unmatched by any other heating device you may own. Welcome to K&K Marble, your one stop destination for becoming the owner of a beautiful and elegant marble fireplace mantel!

We deal with restoration of antique fireplace mantels and can bring them in top notch condition for your use. We can also copy designs of your preferred antique fireplace mantels and build you custom fireplace mantel that can brighten up your homes.

Custom Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels can add comfort to your lifestyle by making your rooms cosy and warm. The soothing glow with radiating warmth can brighten up your mood, help you relax, allow you to unwind a long stressful day, curl up in front of it with your favourite book or enjoy a romantic meal with your spouse!

Apart from these functional benefits, our fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds can completely transform the way your room looks and lift its aesthetic appeal to a high. From traditional art and antique designs to complicated artwork to contemporary styles, we can use our expertise and build you a custom fireplace mantel using the finest marble available in Australia.

Antique Fireplace Mantels

Having a beautiful and elegant custom fireplace mantel in a central location of your living room can allow you to gather in evenings and enjoy a meaningful family time with your beloved family members. You can also invite guests over for sipping tea while comfortably seated in front of your mesmerizingly beautiful fireplace.

A fireplace mantel may look beautiful standing alone but what matters is how well it is integrated within your room so that it becomes a part of it; it must seem like it belongs there. This is where our expertise comes in play. We will design for you a trendy custom fireplace mantel that gels beautifully with the existing décor and the style of your home!

Fireplace Mantels in Camberwell, Kew, South Yarra, Toorak

Our experts will also be happy to suggest you effective decorative ideas for enhancing the beauty of antique fireplace mantels that we have restored for you! You can enhance their beauty and appeal by placing complimentary coloured flowers in an antique flower vase for example, or multiply its beauty by hanging paintings on top of it or personalise it by hanging your family portraits and photographs from other memorable events.

Our fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds are the best in town and you can be sure to receive compliments from your guests as they get awed by the beauty of your antique fireplace mantels or a custom fireplace mantel that we build for you! So contact us today at K&K Marble and get ready to own a fabulous fireplace mantel right in your home!